Interview to New Times Magazine : Mr. Nikos Pilavas President – CEO Pilavas Distillery SA.

Interview to New Times Magazine : Mr. Nikos Pilavas President – CEO Pilavas Distillery SA “The company's plans are in line with the development of exports.” Pilavas S.A. Distillery is a purely export company considering that 70% of its production is addressed to the foreign markets. With what weapons the company has managed to go through during the difficult period of crisis and what are now its plans ? The crisis was a first-class opportunity to reintroduce ourselves to the markets by perhaps in a more rational way and especially in a more prudent way. The company's plans are inline with the development of exports, which are at the cutting edge. and through them, we achieve the corporate objectives. How exports went last year and your goal for 2020? Our company moved upwards compared to 2018 by strengthening our already high export performance. Our goal for 2020 could not be other than the capitalization of the aforementioned increase and the dispersion of our product portfolio. How was the financial figures for 2019 and your estimation for 2020 ? In terms of economic aggregates followed the growth trend mainly presented by the export performance since approximately 70% of the production relates to the foreign markets. In terms of our forecasts for 2020 the company expects a further increase in exports through related networking actions, but also through the strengthening of the brand name on the occasion of 80 years. Which problems is your company facing and what should the state do, in order to support the companies to develop? As a member of the SEAOP (Association of Greek Spirits Distillation Companies) i could ask the state to bend over the daily life of the Greek exporter ,which becomes very difficult in terms of bureaucratic procedures .In addition I would ask to be subsidized through extroversion actions that will ultimately aim at the internationalization of Greek alcoholic beverages and especially Ouzo, so that it has a presence beyond the traditional markets in which it is currently placed.